You Are Now Infected

So you think your piercing is infected, well here are some of the signs of and infection.

Signs of an infection:

Sore to the touch.
Excessive redness around the jewellery.
Distention or swelling around the piercing.
Painful when moving the jewellery.
Discharge of green bloody puss during movement of jewellery.
If these symptoms are there then the answer could be,” Yes, you have an infected piercing”.

Professional piercers know much more about body piercing than the average person, so this in mind, you have to pick a course of action. Start by seeing your piercer as soon as possible. Infections are easy to treat so long as they are handled quickly and properly. Remember removing the jewellery from and infected piercing is not going to make things any better as a matter of fact it can take a simple problem and compound it into an abscess. Your piercer will go through a checklist of things with you.

Questions you should be asked

When did you clean your piercing last?
What did you clean your piercing with?
How often are you cleaning your piercing?
How did you use the cleaning products?
Did you put anything else on the piercing? (i.e.: Polysporin, Neosporin, baby oil etc.)
What have you done in the last 3 days? (i.e.: go swimming, hot tub, tanning, etc.)
Have you started any new medications lately?
Generally an infection can take 24 to 48 hour to develop in most cases it’s quicker than that, but usually a day or two has it humming pretty good. This in mind you should think about your aftercare and what you have done to cause the infection.